Murdoc is resting up in jail whilst a new member has joined Gorillaz…

The past week has been abuzz with the possibility of a new Gorillaz record after frontman Damon Albarn announced the possibility of a surprise album whilst promoting Humanz last year. Now, whilst chatting to Zane Lowe on the Beats 1 radio show, Albarn has confirmed that The Now Now will be coming on June 29th with new single Humility out now. 

On the album, Albarn said he recorded it “so that when we play the gigs this summer there is something nice to play everyone,” adding that “I thought I should make a record where I’m just singing for once.” 

The album features few of their usual guest artists, Humility welcomes in the vocals of George Benson whilst Hollywood sees Snoop Dogg and Jamie Principle join the band. “I wrote most of on tour back in America,” Albarn explained.

Snoop is on it because we were in LA and Jamie because he was on the tour. And then just so randomly sort of George Benson and that’s it really.” 

Damon Albarn

Humility came about when Albarn and Benson met for a cocktail, resulting in the Jack Black-starring music video below. 

Of course, eagle-eyed fans also noticed that Murdoc’s nose is a lot pointier than it used to be – and that’s saying something.

No, it’s not Murdoc – he got jailed following a run-in with “the kingpin of the bloodiest crime dynasty in modern history” on the set of Strobelite, and now the electrifying band have replaced him with a new member…

Ace, the leader of the Gangreen Gang in Townsville – that’s right, the teenage gang leader from The Powerpuff Girls

Gorillaz are back with a new member, Ace

The band are getting ready to dominate the summer festival season, making appearances at Malahide Castle on June 9th, Bilbao Live in Spain on July 12-14 and Paris Lollapalooza, as well as a full US tour coming up this October. 

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