“Comedy only really works if everyone in the room knows comedy is happening and wants comedy to happen.”

After naming Tom Allen as our March Comedian of the Month, it only made sense for April to be dedicated to his partner in crime, Suzi. Comedian, writer, actor – Suzi’s innovative approach to comedy enraptures audiences as this young, independent woman navigates a modern world through the lens of her working class background.

The two have been working the comedy circuit, together and individually, for a while now, and their talent has certainly rubbed off on one another along the way with the two now presenting a joint podcast entitled Like Minded Friends.

Suzi is undeniably one of the hottest young comedians to be creeping up on the industry, fresh off the tour trail from supporting the likes of Alan Carr, Josh Widdicombe and Kevin Bridges, as well as being nominated by Chortle as the Best Breakthrough Act of 2017.

Now, she’s gracing our TV screens across Channel 4, BBC3, Comedy Central and more, and is getting ready to tour the country with Keeping it Classy, her own solo show examining the dichotomy of her working class upbringing and the artsy middle-class life of trendy East London.

As the title would suggest, this is a show of classes, traversing through the two sides of Suzi against the backdrop of family tragedy and relationships gone awry in the most mischievous and appealing away that only Suzi could conjure up.

We had the chance to chat to Suzi about her comedic progression, her upcoming shows and of course, how Easter went. Have a read of what she had to say here:

How did your Easter go? Did you overdose on chocolate?

“I went to see my family in Portsmouth and ate a lot of chocolate, sweets and cake. The whole family have a sweet tooth, Mum once described chocolate as her ”˜drug of choice’.”

Where did you get your start in comedy?

I started stand up in London, my first ever gig was in the Cross Kings in Kings Cross in November 2008.”

If you could give yourself some advice right before your first gig, what would it be?

This is going to completely take over your life and you are going to LOVE it. Also long hair doesn’t suit you, it will take the next 8 years to realise this.”

Do you believe there is a line in what people can joke about? Or is it up to comedians to keep pushing that boundary?

I think it’s up to the comic, we all have boundaries or subjects we wouldn’t want to do material on but it isn’t up to anyone else to decide on what that is.”

How did you and Tom Allen first start your podcast together? Whose idea was it?

We sort came up with it together. The idea was the listener just overhears two friends talking about life, the good, the bad, the ugly, we thought we would do a couple and see how it went. That was more than two years ago, we have 113 podcasts out there in the world and nearly a million downloads which is mad.” 

What do you like about each other, as friends and as professionals?

“Tom has been doing stand-up a few years longer than me so I was aware of him, I remember seeing him and just thinking he was bloody brilliant. We met properly about 8 years ago at a really tough gig, where I was basically the support for the raffle and Tom had to follow a drag queen.

“Comedy only really works if everyone in the room knows comedy is happening and wants comedy to happen. Basically Tom and I interrupted everyone’s night out dancing by forcing them to listen to our jokes. Safe to say it wasn’t a dream gig for either of us however we quickly bonded over what a shit gig it was and decided to go out and get drunk to get over it. We had some vodka’s and shared some chips, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Do you have any advice for aspiring comedians out there?

Gig, gig, write, gig, gig, write, be prepared to fail. Repeat.”

What’s coming up for you in the future?

I am currently touring my solo show ”˜Keeping It Classy’ to venues across the country, I am absolutely loving it, it’s some of the funnest gigs I have ever had.”

I also have a stand up special coming out as part of the ”˜Live From The BBC’ series, I recently shot an episode of ”˜Jon Richardson’s Ultimate Worrier’ which was so much fun and will be on Dave soon.”

“I am excited to be heading over to Australia on tour as part of the Melbourne Comedy Roadshow in June (although already quite stressed about spiders and snakes). I’m also writing a new hour of stand up to take to the Edinburgh Festival in August. “

Like Minded Friends – The podcast I do with the wonderful Tom Allen comes out every two weeks.”

Bloody hell, I am gonna be knackered.”

Thanks for chatting with us, Suzi! Hope you can stay awake long enough to carry off the rest of Keeping it Classy this week, with shows all over from Brighton to Portsmouth.