There’s no debate

We all know that ultimately, there is one band. One band that changed the future of music and shaped a generation. Yes, we can all agree that The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses etc are all amazing and influential bands, but one band pips them as the greatest of all time. For well over 60 years, The Rolling Stones have stood apart from the rest in music, leading by example. When people think of classic rock and roll, they think of them. Their names, legacy and music has all become thoroughly woven into the fabric of popular culture that they’ve almost become innate knowledge. They are by its very definition: iconic. With a group as influential and talented as The Rolling Stones, it would be impossible to pin point the plethora of reasons that make them exceptional, but these are 5 of the biggest reasons they are the greatest rock band of all time.

1. Their music

This point isn’t up for discussion at all. The Rolling Stones have spawned so many hit singles across so many countries, with songs like (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction becoming so intertwined with society that I’m pretty sure everyone knows it.

2. They opened doors for generations of musicians to come

The Rolling Stones came into music at a time when everything was prim and proper: things had to be a certain way, not a button out of place or a single mistep. Instead, the Stones came in with this deliberate yet impromptu raw energy, their movements were free and unrehearsed and Mick Jagger’s voice dripped with sex. It was like nothing ever seen before, and no one could resist it.

It was that attitude that set a trend and influenced many bands to come including everyone from Ok Go and The Wombats and to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

3. They’ve survived more feuds than anyone else

The rolling stones reasons

Anyone that has been together for 60 years is bound to butt heads, but the true measure of greatness is a person’s ability to overcome those differences learn to see the best in each other. Keith Richards’ and Mick Jagger’s feuds have become renowned, with the two continually clashing throughout their career but after all this time they seem to have finally found their middle ground.

4. And so they’ve lasted the long stretch

Despite these feuds, The Rolling Stones are still touring the world together 60 years on. They’ve released an unbelievable 25 studio albums – including their most recent Blue & Lonesome – performed over 2000 concerts around the globe and have been behind of four of the highest grossing tours of all time – ultimately becoming perhaps the  most popular live music act of the modern era.

5. Their live performances are spectacular

The Rolling Stones are masters of stagecraft. They simultaneously give off that relaxed, easy going vibe that lures an audience in, whilst also maintaining a razor sharp performance that can take the audience by the throat. Throughout those 2000+ performances, they’ve got showmanship down to a fine art, grabbing audiences by the hand and taking them on – for lack of a better word – a trip. They have this unique talent of understanding a crowd within a few songs and be able to deliver exactly what they need.

It’s difficult to reduce the reasons for why The Rolling Stones are so great down to just 5, but their concerts and shows are definitely up there. Seeing them live is an unmissable experience, something that if you can, you definitely should. It’s unknown when the group will tour again, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Follow The Rolling Stones to receive alerts of tour dates and available tickets.